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Single stage direct drive rotary screw compressor 18 HP – 355 HP Air compressors, known as the fourth utility, are key to a business’s success. You need a compressor manufacturer that delivers reliable, innovative, efficient and cost-effective products year after year. Kaishan is the company you need to move forward with. Our experience, competitive prices, [...]

KRSP single stage variable speed drive premium rotary screw air compressor 18 – 400 kW The KRSP series of direct drive compressors from Kaishan Compressor offers industry-leading performance in an economical package. Units range in size from 18 to 400 kW, delivering capacities up to 2,453 CFM. All feature a single-stage, rotary screw design, and [...]

KRSP 2-stage variable speed drive premium rotary screw air compressor 75 – 450 kW This latest generation of energy efficient 2-Stage air compressors can reduce your energy expenses by up to  50%. Kaishan’s ground-breaking world class range of krsp series 2-Stage rotary screw air compressors offers outstanding energy savings when compared to conventional single-stage compressors. [...]

PMV Single Stage Permanent Magnet Variable Frequency Rotary Screw Air Compressor 15 – 55 kW Benefits Complete control of air output to match widely varying system compressed air demand. Lower energy input for required air output. Excessive part load energy consumption is significantly reduced as output matches demand. Gradual increase in motor speed eliminates starting [...]