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Centrifugal Air Compressor 400 – 3400 kW

The origin of the core technology is the Kaishan R&D center in North America. These products are design by world-renowned expert in centrifugal air compressors, Dr Joost J. Brasz designed with cutting-edge techonology, the 17-4 PH stainless steel backward impeller, this product feature a high pressure surge point, a wide volume adjustment range, high operation stability and the highest operational efficency.

Thanks to excellent packaged design, the air compressor is of compact structure, easy to install and convenient to maintain and inspect.

It adopts internationally excellent NREC software design and its core component, impeller, is processed by Hermle Five-Axis Machining Center.

Impeller and diffuser, which are independently designed according to actual working condition of the customer, have less energy consumption than that of the competitor’s product.

Compared with piston compressor and screw compressor, it saves more energy and has only a few parts to be maintained, thus its maintenance cost is low.

Dry type diaphragm coupler is efficient and maintenance free without adding lubricating oil.

Drawer-type water pipe cooler is easy to clean and maintain on the site.

Each water pipe of the cooler is equipped with hand valve to regulate water volume of each cooler and guarantee cooling effect.

The gearbox is horizontally split, which simplifies inspection and maintenance of sealing element and bearing.

It adopts advanced PLC control system to monitor flow, pressure, temperature, and vibration value in real time so as to guarantee safe and stable operation of the unit. It is also easy to operate by users.

Bearing temperature and shaft vibration monitoring.

The air intake filter is designed with twice flow to reduce pressure loss and energy consumption and extend maintenance period.

Reliable sealing system design provides you with 100% oil-free compressed air.

Inlet guide blade regulator save more power than the inlet valve.

It runs reliably, stably and efficiently with small vibration and low noise.

It has self-sustained pressure lubrication system and main and auxiliary oil pump to guarantee lubrication of the gearbox.

The thrust ring is used to reduce mechanical loss.

Compressed air heat recovery scheme is customized according to customer requirements to provide hot water at 60~90 °C for shower or process flow.

Technical Parameters of Centrifugal Air Compressor

Model Capacity


Working Pressure


Rated Motor Power




KCC100~KCC160 100~160 0.3~1.0 400~900 4500x2000x3000
KCC160~KCC250 160~250 0.3~1.0 600~1400 5000x2200x3000
KCC250~KCC400 250~400 0.3~1.0 1000~2200 5500x2600x3000
KCC400~KCC600 400~600 0.3~1.0 1600~3400 8000x5000x4000



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