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Available Models Ranging from 150 to 500 TR (525 to 1,750 kW)

YVAA Screw Chiller from YORK® you have the ability to lower your annual energy costs by as much as half. This variable speed chiller provides superior performance while lowering energy consumption and dramatically reducing noise levels.

Our YVAA Screw Chiller offers elevated efficiency through advanced heat exchangers and smart controls. Take a step forward and leave a smaller footprint with a chiller as unique as your cooling needs.

Lower annual energy costs as much as 50%

Reduce energy consumption intelligently with standard variable-speed drive for the lowest kW/ton at design and off-design conditions.

Improve sustainability from every angle

Lowering energy consumption means lower indirect GHG emissions from the power plant, and reducing refrigerant as much as 15% cuts direct emissions.

Lower the volume with 16 dBA noise reduction

Variable-speed design dramatically reduces sound levels at off-design conditions; a variety of sound-attenuation options are available for design conditions.


Feel confident with a proven performer

Over 2.5 million tons of YORK® air-cooled variable-speed screw chillers installed worldwide, backed by the world’s largest service organization.



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