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Available Models Ranging from 115 đến 125-300 TR (440-1055 kW)

YVWA Variable Speed Screw Chiller from YORK® was designed to address four primary requirements – efficiency, application flexibility, sustainability, and confidence. With vast chiller configurations, our YVWA Variable Speed Screw Chiller features the ability to reduce compressor speed, which means increased energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

Our YVWA Variable Speed Screw Chiller delivers superior energy performance at all operating hours. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of just one chiller for many applications.

Reduce compressor speed and increase efficiency as much as 30%

Strike the right balance between capital cost, ownership cost, and energy efficiency by tailoring and tuning configurations.


The YVWA chiller is capable of handling the high pressures associated with ice thermal storage or heat pump applications with the highest available efficiencies

Smaller environmental footprint

Reduces the refrigerant charge up to 30% and utility emissions as much as 30%.

Feel confident with a proven performer

From inventing chiller VSD technology in 1979 to over 2,500,000 TR of VSD screw compressors operating today, we back you with unrivaled technological experience and the world’s largest service organization.


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