SAGOTEK Industry Co., Ltd specializes in providing and installing technical equipment in the industry, include Air compressor, Water chiller and Power generation equipment for major brands in the US and Japanese in Vietnam market as:

  • KAISHAN screw blower and air compressor of the Kaishan group, KOBELCO of Japan.
  • YORK water chiller of the US.
  • AIRMAN and CUMMINS power generator of Japanese and the US.
  • AIRMAN scissor lift of Japanese.
  • ORION air filter and dehumidifier of Japanese.
  • LODE STAR air filter and air dryer.

In addition to provide above products, we also provide other related services like Consulting – Design – Installation  Warranty – Maintenance  Providing original parts  Machine rental.

Following the slogan “The place to put all your faith” so in our company, we always bear in mind that must give priority and try to “DOING IT RIGHT FIRST” hence our sales & service engineer throughly Study, Question & Undertand the application before executing any job.

We are always working on a professional process to provide all the necessary services for our products.

To meet the strict standards of the manufacturer, we have become an official representative in providing products, warranty and maintenance in Vietnam for leading manufacturers in the industrial equipment from Japanese, USA, Australia like KAISHAN (belong to Kaishan group), KOBELCO (under Kobe Steel group), YORK (Johnson Contrals Inc), CUMMINS (Commins Inc), AIRMAN (Hokuetsu Industries Co., Ltd), LODE STAR (Lode Star Co., Ltd), ORION (Orion Machinery Co.,Ltd).