Sagotek company with team of experienced and professional engineers and technicians in the field of compressed air, industrial refrigeration, etc. In addition direct support from manufacturer. Hence, we are confident in our after-sales service.

Following the motto is always ready to serve customers with 24/7 service (24 hours a day and 7 days a week) to solve troubles quickly and delivering customers satisfaction.

Our after-sales service includes: maintenance, replacement parts, air compressor overhaul with service packages as follows:

  • Periodically air compressor maintenance service: Customers can sign with us monthly maintenance contract, quarterly or yearly. With this service package we will come more frequently to check, consult maintenance for customers periodically to ensure high stability for customer’s factory.
  • Maintenance service under the manufacturer’s program: We will monitor and inform to customers the machine maintenance program at the specific milestones as recommended by the manufacturer with the quantity of spare parts to replace, as well as corresponding labour fee for each milestone.
  • Air Compressor repair service: With this service, when we receive trouble information from customers, we will come to check and inform customer about the condition of the machine as well as the direction of troubleshooting and repairing by each condition of failure. All replacement parts will be guaranteed under warranty.
  • Air compressor overhaul service: With this service package, we will check the condition of the machine, consulting and giving the best favoring the customers, the overhaul work will be done, monitor and warranty for customers by us.


Maintenance And Repairing Air Compressor Maintenance And Repairing Water Chiller
Maintenance and replacement recurrent spare parts for air compressor

Check the vibration of main motor

Check the vibration of the air-end

Clean the oil tank and the oil/ air separator

Replace the new oil/ air separator

Clean the check valve

Air-end overhaul

Assemble the bearing into the air-end

Assemble the rotor into the air-end

Rinse and clean cooler

Replacement oil

Replacement air element

Check the voltage before running the machine


Take a part refrigerant air-end

Overhaul screw refrigerant air-end

Take a part suction and motor

Repair motor

Take a part rotor off the air-end

Check preliminary rotor

Check the oil filter

Checking oil piping

Assemble the bearing into the rotor

Assemble the rotor into air-end

Measure eccentricity of motor rotor

Electrical system connection

Complete assembly of the refrigerant air-end

Install a complete refrigerant air-end into the chiller set

Check the pressure on the pipe

Check water pump system and piping pressure

Cleaning the condenser

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