YVFA Air-Cooled Variable Speed Drive Screw Chiller Contact us for a quote & Catalogue!

Available Models Ranging from 115 đến 380 TR (400 đến 1,380 kW)

YVFA Screw Chiller từ YORK® minimizes operating cost by combining our legacy of innovation with a packaged design that’s simple to own and operate.

Advanced technologies, including a variable speed drive compressor, energy optimized hybrid cooling mode and air to liquid free cooling coils designed by our heat transfer experts, are intelligently controlled to maximize efficiency year-round.

YORK® is the first manufacturer to utilize free-cooling coils that are integrated within the chiller to conserve space and be AHRI certified.

Annual Energy Cost (AEC) tool verifies payback in as little as three years

To confirm that your chiller selection delivers the smallest possible energy footprint, we use an AEC tool to produce a customized report factoring in all key variables — geographic location, building type, operating hours, utility costs and local weather data

Simple to operate with packaged controls include single-point convenience

YVFA controls simplify operation with single-point control that easily accommodates process or building changes

Reliability from the start

Variable-frequency inverter technology enables a zero-inrush soft start and a high displacement power factor across the entire operating range. Quick Start option achieves full load after a power-loss restart in four minutes or less



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