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Premium two stage rotary screw air compressor 75kW – 450 kW

This latest generation of energy efficient 2-Stage air compressors can reduce your energy expenses by up to  50%.

Kaishan’s ground-breaking world class range of krsp series 2-Stage rotary screw air compressors offers outstanding energy savings when compared to conventional single-stage compressors. They offer unmatched performance, efficiency and reliability for any compressed air reliant industry.

What is 2-Stage Compressed Air Technology?

Unlike a conventional single stage compressor, a 2-stage air compressor divides the overall compression ratio between two distinct rotary screw airends. This has the effect of significantly reducing internal leakage losses resulting in substantial efficiency gains as well as extending bearing life due to reduced applied loads.

Kaishan 2-stage air compressors require a smaller drive motor to produce the equivalent volume flow rate to that of a comparable single stage compressor.

Why is it much more efficient?

Remarkable efficiency savings are achieved through reduced internal leakage losses across each stage, optimised cool oil injection intercooling and enhanced airend geometry.

What are the investment benefits?

Replacing a single stage with Kaishan 2-stage air compressor technology will typically result in a very rapid investment payback based on energy cost savings. As energy costs continue to rise, these savings will increase. A conservative 17.5% power saving based on replacing a conventional 160kW compressor with a 2-stage unit could realise annual energy savings well in excess of $40,000 based on 8760 operating hours and $0.20/kWhr.

We  also offer high pressure krsp 2-stage compressors capable of pressures up to 40bar for PET bottle blowing applications.


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