PMV Single Stage Permanent Magnet Variable Frequency Rotary Screw Air Compressor 15 – 55 kW


Complete control of air output to match widely varying system compressed air demand.

Lower energy input for required air output.

Excessive part load energy consumption is significantly reduced as output matches demand.

Gradual increase in motor speed eliminates starting spikes.

A steady system pressure is maintained.

Reduced maintenance time and expense.

Significantly lower noise levels.


Permanent magnet synchronised motor

Rare earth material technology.

Improved reliability and stability.

Wide variable speed turndown range

No cooling fan for quieter operation

Heat resistant to 180°C and cannot be magnetized

Lower heat generation/Longer operating life

Maintains a power factor close to 1

‘SKY’ series airend

Maximum output using less energy

KAPP ground rotor technology for tighter clearances

Precision machined bell housing to maintain coupling alignment


“SKF” high quality genuine bearings

Extended bearing life .

Increased load carrying capacity.

Ultra Web Air Intake Filters

Nano fiber technology for full air flow

Tubing system inside

316 Stainless Steel Control Tubing

Eliminates failures and and oil leakage /Reduces downtime


Advanced PID Control Algorithm

Greater integrated control .

Highly stable discharge pressure.

Integrated, high resolution smart panel.

Monitor and control key functions.

Intelligent sequencing up to 16 compressors

Kaishan Synthetic Lubricant

Extended lubricant life

No varnish formulation

Food Grade Lubricant

FDA approved long life food grade lubricant for applications where compressed air is used to produce food

Three Stage Tangential Oil Separation

Lower pressure drop/Longer element life



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